Big Hugs Elmo Review

Welcome to where we will be looking at all things Elmo and starting with the #1 ranked toy in several categories at Big Hugs Elmo. The smiles you see on these kids faces are real and genuine.

big hugs elmo review

Before we look at the features of Big Hugs Elmo, this delightful toy, you should know that as a bestseller and highly ranked toy 4 out of 5 stars, you want to get yours early, as they have run out of stock with other Elmo toys in recent years.

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 Sesame Street is a favorite show for many kids, parents and teachers. The characters portrayed in this show are loved and due to this Sesame Street has gained huge following over the years. One of the reasons that people love the show is because it makes learning fun. It is no secret that children enjoy learning stuff in a fun and engaging way. Elmo, the big red-haired character is particularly a favorite to many kids all over the world. Big Hugs Elmo is a fun, intelligent and adorable toy from Hasbro who acts like the real Elmo in Sesame Street. The following is the Big Hugs Elmo review, the aim is highlight the features that make this toy so amazing.

The features of Big Hugs Elmo

Elmo’s big hugs feature

Big Hugs Elmo is about 21 inches, a height that is perfect for children aged 18 months and above. It is no secret that children love getting a huge and proper hug. Well, Big Hugs Elmo is a toy that can do this and more. When the doll gets a huge hug he moves his arms so as to hug the child back. The doll is very interactive and will even say some fun phrases like “I love you”, “I love to hug you” and even sing a hugging song.

Big Hugs Elmo’s sing and dance feature

Elmo is a fun toy to play with. Pressing Big Hugs Elmo’s foot activates him and he begins to sing and dance. Elmo encourages the child to join in fun activities as he sings. If you lie Elmo down with your young one he will sing the child a lullaby and even make sounds like he is sleeping. Elmo can also help develop a child’s motor skills by encouraging them to move their arms, legs and body while playing.

Good at pretending feature

Big Hugs Elmo features four fun activities that help in encouraging and developing your child’s imagination. When you Press the toy’s foot he invites you to join in his fun, exciting and interactive activities. He can invite the child to pretend to be a frog, rabbit, horse or astronaut. For example, during the rabbit pretend Elmo says “let’s pretend we are rabbits! Boing, boing, boing.” If your child wants to move from one pretend activity to another they can do this by pressing the left foot again.

big hugs elmo review

Many positions to choose from feature

There are many activities that your young one can do to get a response from Big Hugs Elmo. For example, Elmo begins to giggle when he is held by one leg and turned upside down. Elmo is even able to state when he has had enough time upside down. The toy has a sleep button which you can turn off before your little one goes to sleep. That way, the child can take his toy to bed and cuddle with him. The sleep button can be turned back to the play position if he wants to dance and sing with Elmo.

The benefits of Big Hugs Elmo

Elmo is an interactive toy with life like and realistic features. The responses and activities that come with Elmo help open up the child’s imagination. The imagination modes make it more enjoyable for the child. The child eventually learns to create and start new play modes with his or her toy.

Elmo can be your child’s best friend. He can talk to them, play with them and even mimic the way they act. Such responses and interactions are better than your child playing with imaginary friends. Your child is most likely to enjoy his time if he is interacting with a toy that acts like a child.

The only downside to this toy is its body which is not as soft as some would prefer.


The big Hugs Elmo toy is a great toy that will keep your little one entertained and fulfilled. The price for this bestseller seems to fluctuate a bit at Amazon, but you can find it surely for around 19-20% off the list price

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by Angela M:

It’s not perfect, but “Big Hugs Elmo” is a terrific toy on many fronts. It’s a big, cuddly, welcoming toy — surprisingly big, in fact, and perfectly sized to for kids in those early years through kindergarten when they really need a friend during a no-good, very bad day. The toy is durable and soft, although it’s not very soft, as others have pointed out…..Read More at….

By JC:

Light-years ahead of Tickle Me Elmo – 4½ stars

I was in my twenties when Sesame Street debuted, and in my thirties when Elmo was born, so I never got into collecting all the toys and stuff. I do remember the riots in stores with people trying to get their hands on the Tickle Me Elmo toys in the 1990s. The Big Hugs Elmo does a lot more than Tickle Me Elmo did, and he’s bigger, too. He talks and sings and makes a lot of movements. He’s especially funny when he goes to sleep, first singing a lullaby, then saying goodnight, snoring for a minute or so, then quieting down until you wake him by pressing his left foot. Kids will probably most enjoy hugging Elmo, since he hugs back and talks……Read More At…


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